At GFM Architects, industrial achievements are part of our DNA. Designing and fitting out efficient industrial installations represents a challenge that our team knows how to take on.

Bridor Expansion
(Phase 1, 2 & 3)

Boucherville | 2015 – 2018

GFM Architects designed and managed the expansion of the Bridor bread and pastry factory in Boucherville. The work, carried out in three phases between 2015 and 2018, increased its 41,000 sq. ft. surface area to 254,700 sq. ft. The project did not entail any production stoppages and included the installation of new bread and Viennese pastry production lines as well as baking, cooling and freezing equipment. The project also included the installation of new offices, rest areas, washrooms and storage spaces.

Termont Mechanical Workshop

Montreal | 2013

This project, carried out for the Port of Montreal in 2013, involved the construction of a mechanical maintenance complex for the equipment that handles containers. The building erected includes repair shops, a store, storage space, a kitchenette, a cafeteria, locker rooms and office space.

Exceltech Aerospace

Montreal | 2008

Carried out in 2007, this project allowed GFM Architects to highlight the structural functionalities of wood. The structure of all the buildings is made of glued laminated wood. Exeltech Aerospace, a company specializing in aircraft maintenance, thus acquired a 14,418 square meters facility. These include two 3,750 square meters hangars connected to a three-storey building housing workshops, stores and offices. An administrative building of 3,573 square meters completes the complex.

La Pinière Sewage Treatment Plant

Laval | 1995-1998

Thought out and designed to treat the wastewater of a large part of Laval’s population, the La Pinière wastewater treatment plant is a project of several buildings all linked by underground passages. The treatment line includes the sampling station, screens, disassembly basins and a disinfection room. The administrative facilities include office space, a cafeteria, laboratories and control and training rooms.

(Project carried out in consortium with Belleli & Harvey Architects)